The Tshisusu Foundation's Beneficiaries



    • Team Hope is a voluntary foundation that comes together to meet a need that may arise from existing NPO organizations.
    • Team Hope SA was created to provide a helping hand to Children, Adults, families, and organizations without any restrictions of race, gender, culture or religious factors.
    • With the assistance of volunteers within the network, Team hope SA is able to deploy teams to assist organizations in the following manner:
    • Aid of basic living necessities (Food, Clothing, Toys)
    • Counsel, mentor, encourage, motivate and educate
    • Renovation of property
    • Marketing and advertising – improve the organization's image/passion to the community.
    •  Develop the administrative skills with networked professional partners in different business sectors i.e. (Financial, Medical, marketing, advertising, human Resource, and Training)
    • Support establishments not relieved by Government contributions.
    • Food Hampers



    • House of Hadassah which provides a home and a safe place for girls who are no longer eligible for inclusion in children’s homes provided for and managed by Pastor Michel and Lindsey Lefebure whose heart is to see people grow into who God always made them be.
    • At House of Hadassah, in-house opportunities, life coaching, and mentoring are available to each girl so they can be trained, supported, and endowed with the practical knowledge and inner resources for managing their personal lives, their emotions, dealing with interpersonal relationships and making positive life choices.



    • Sinethemba Hope House managed by Grant & Sharon McGill who foster 25+ children of all Race, Religious & political backgrounds.
    • This reflects God’s Heart Beat & and since children of today are the future of tomorrow, no contribution can be too little


Our university student has done very well and is currently doing her 2nd year exams. One varsity student dropped out after the first year , but has found her in an exciting new direction as an intern at a major Corporate. Our Matrics of last year have also all been accepted into internships.

During this time of uncertainty Team Hope SA have been assisting with food hampers ,Winter blanket drives, Baby hampers, Fresh Veggie Gardens, Hot meals, 120 - Monthly food hampers and much more. We have being working with many NPO’s in assisting them with their projects throughout Johannesburg and Durban. GOR International is one of the NPO’s that we have been working with daily. Together we have achieved assisting many individuals, Communities and isolated outlined areas that get passed by.

Monique, Lexi and Brenda have since married and all three have their first child. Lexi is now running her own Small Beauty Business in the Vaal.

Mantoa came from only managing a Grade 10 School leaving Certificate to completing her Junior Bookkeeping Course and getting 96% on her Pastel exam. She has been working in this field and has obtained her driver’s license.

Nhlanhla completed a diploma in Travel and Tourism and began her permanent employment in July 2014. She left us “Flying” at the end of December 2014, has moved into her first apartment and has shown great wisdom in budgeting.  She is now working for an international company doing Personal administration including all the travel and event planning. She has obtained her driver’s license.


Mother Theresa once said,

"Never worry  about the numbers.  Help one person at a time.  And always start with the person nearest to you."